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Reducing recidivism should be the primary goal yet a lack of funding, staffing and training prevents this objective. Correctional Institutions, Supervised Release (probation) and Parole departments at all levels from community/local to State and Federal, are ill-equipped and underprepared to assist individuals with societal re-entry particularly with the employment challenges they face. Training for the staff is essentially non-existent; they serve more as a “monitoring” service. We get it. We offer a laser-focused, expert resource for these entities, relieving the burden on their economic and human resources in this area, and presenting a much more effective and up-to-date solution to the employment seeker.


The high cost of incarceration is borne, ultimately, by taxpayers. Conservatively speaking, taxpayers are shouldering a cost of $23,400 per year, per incarcerated person while serving their sentence during confinement. The post incarceration cost such as probation, parole, and community service are roughly $3280 per person annually. An average stay of 24 months ($46,800) and 19 months of probation ($5193) would cost the taxpayer $52,000. Our expert solutions effectively reduce recidivism by preparing and helping to position re-entry seekers for meaningful legal employment, alleviating this added cost.


The families of incarcerated individuals are often left broken, fractured, incomplete and in poverty. Many family members in a seemingly hopeless situation will turn to illegal activity under such conditions. No one gains more from a meaningful and respectfully employed formerly incarcerated individual than his/her family, both in the immediate term and in the long-term. Breaking the cycle directly benefits these family members and the communities around them in terms of self-esteem, community pride, economics, and crime reduction.

Those Seeking Re-entry

In most instances, employment is a requirement for re-entry, yet there is little or no meaningful preparation prior to release. Our model seeks to begin the process months before actual release with resume-building and presenting candidates to employers and on-line search firms (many of which have specific programs in place for re-entry candidates). As a result, we lay the groundwork to efficiently match qualified, prepared, and confident candidates with genuine employment opportunities. A legally employed client is restored with self-esteem, a new respect from his family and community, and economic sustainability. Perhaps more importantly, the individual becomes a positive example and role model in his/her family and community.

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