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Reentry Professionals (REP) provides training and guidance services to government agencies, departments, and institutions and, ultimately, to incarcerated individuals by preparing and equipping those individuals for successful post-release job seeking and employment. Ideally, this process begins 12 months prior to release. Through our relationships with these government entities–including the Federal Bureau of Prisons, state-level Departments of Corrections and Probation, and Halfway House managers–we regularly access the estimated 400,000 individuals released annually from confinement. These individuals are highly-motivated to seek employment, both because it is a requirement for them to remain free of confinement and it is essential to regaining a positive familial and community status.

REP possesses the knowledge and expertise to “translate” skills and experiences gained while incarcerated into widely recognized business and employment contexts and terminology, providing individuals with an extremely professional and effective resume to present to hiring entities and search firms. In addition to resume-building, REP assists candidates who require help in securing other necessary documents such as a valid and accurate Social Security number and state ID/driver’s license.

Our services and process yields a very well-prepared and document-equipped candidate in a format that is readily presentable to hiring companies and recruiting sites.

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