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Re-entry Professionals exists for one purpose: to help previously incarcerated people return to society and to stay in society.  We have a slogan that sums it up: “Successful Re-entry begins with meaningful employment.”  The support and love from family and friends is essential.  But a good job is the key.

In the United States, there are approximately 2,250,000 incarcerated men and women and more than 4 million people on post release supervision. The criminal justice system affects more than 40% of American families. Half of released individuals will be rearrested for a new crime after release.

Their challenges are Heruclean:

  • For most, legal employment is a “requirement” for release compliance,
  • Familial pressures are ever-present,
  • Many don’t have a Social Security number,
  • Many have never paid taxes,
  • Many have never held a steady, meaningful (or even legitimate) job,
  • Many will find it necessary to “lower their sights” from where they once were,
  • Discrimination is a real issue, laws forbidding it notwithstanding,
  • Many have no idea how to even begin the process,
  • Many have never put a resume together, nor know how to do so,
  • Technological advances have left many of these people behind,
  • Most individuals address these issues later than they need to or should.

Our mission is to give hope by helping our clients find good, honest, sustainable work.  Our “get out-stay out initiative” focuses on the problem of systemic recidivism by restoring pride via meaningful employment.  As with the individual, we also recognize the cost to society of reincarceration is large, as such, we focus on employment as a mitigating step.

We understand the dynamic. We listen. We have experience. We know first hand of the obstacles and hurdles facing people reentering society.  We are both familiar with the barriers and the restrictions, and we understand the compliance requirements facing our clients – people need help just to get to the “second chance” door.  We use top notch technology to help open that door. If passion can be quantified or measured, we are off the chart. 

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