Helping Previously Incarcerated Individuals Start The Journey to Meaningful Employment

Reentry Professionals exists for one purpose: to help previously incarcerated people return to society and to stay in society.

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In the United States, there are approximately 2,250,000 incarcerated men and women. There are an additional 3,750,000 people on supervised release (probation) and 840,000 on parole. Each year, approximately 400,000 people are released. Half of released individuals will be rearrested for a new crime. This cycle must be broken; the costs to the individuals, their families and communities are incalculably high.

Reentry Professionals exists for one purpose: to help previously incarcerated people return to society and to stay in society.

We know the key to achieving that goal is employment. A decent, honest job.

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Institutions & Governments

Reducing recidivism should be the primary goal yet a lack of funding, staffing and training prevents this. We offer a laser-focused, expert resource for these entities, relieving the burden on their economic and human resources in this area, and presenting an effective solution to the employment seeker.


The high cost of incarceration is borne, ultimately, by taxpayers. Conservatively speaking, taxpayers are shouldering a cost of $23,400 per year, per incarcerated person while serving their sentence during confinement. The post incarceration cost such as probation, parole, and community service are roughly $3280 per person annually. An average stay of 24 months ($46,800) and 19 months of probation ($5193) would cost the taxpayer $52,000. Our expert solutions effectively reduce recidivism by preparing and helping to position re-entry seekers for meaningful legal employment, alleviating this added cost.


The families of incarcerated individuals are often left broken, fractured, incomplete and in poverty. Breaking the cycle directly benefits these family members and the communities around them in terms of self-esteem, community pride, economics, and crime reduction.

Those Seeking Re-Entry

In most instances, employment is a requirement for re-entry, yet there is little or no meaningful preparation prior to release. Our model seeks to begin the process months before actual release with identification documents and resume-building -presenting candidates to employers and on-line search firms (many of which have specific programs in place for re-entry candidates).

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